Monday, October 7, 2013

Hannah's 4th Birthday Art Party

I have quite the little artist at my house. Seriously, this girl would paint or color all day, every day if she could.  So when we talked about what she wanted to do for her fourth birthday, we decided that we go with an art theme. 

Per my usual fashion, I went Pinterest crazy on decorations, food, etc.  It was really fun to put together, so here are some highlights from the party:

The hubs always makes the kiddos special Mickey Mouse pancakes on their birthday!

A little vinyl always jazzes things up!

Welcome to the pARTy! 

Our backdrop.

Loved the tablecloths for the backdrop (and so great that I can re-use them) and the balloon banner was so cute!  If I can find the link of the tutorial I used, I will update the post. I want to be sure to give credit - all the guests loved it!

We had a little mini birthday photo-shoot.  :)

I made her that shirt with printable heat transfer vinyl.  Truthfully it was a total fail and didn't transfer correctly, but I actually kinda liked the 'faded' look and I figured since it didn't really turn out as planned, it wasn't a big deal if she got paint on it. 

I set the tables up in the garage so that it wouldn't be a big deal if they made a mess on the floor. We just used washable kids' paint from Michaels. 

Each kid had a personalized smock, canvas (aka foam board) paintbrush, palette and cup to rinse their brush.

Rainbow colored fruit.  

And I used crayons, colored pencils and paint brushes in mason jars as decorations on the tables. 

My 'palette' of cupcakes. Don't mind that there are only three purple cupcakes - apparently I'm not very good at math. The hubs cut the palette out of carboard. 

My favorite creation for the party:  rice krispee paintbrushes dipped in 'paint' (aka frosting).  DELICIOUS!

I will be so sad when chevron goes out of style. I LOVE it!

Some 'creative juice' to inspire the kiddos. 


My little artist.

I think the parents thought I was nuts for inviting 12 kids over to paint, but it turned out really well! I was so glad some of the moms stuck around to help - it was nice having extra hands to combat the messy paint! :)

All the kids' art.

I also took photos of each kiddo painting and with their final artwork and am planning on throwing them in Hannah's thank you cards.


My supplies - included a large number of paper towels and baby wipes! :)

I had planned some additional 'activities' - making a group piece of art using the big roll of paper on the right, and then just letting them color on the plain paper on the left, but it was such a nice day and the kiddos just wanted to play outside on this:

My hubby had just finished it the night before as a birthday present for Hannah.  The kids were all over it.  I am surprised we were able to get them to stand for a photo. Maybe we bribed them with cupcakes - I can't remember.  ;)

Love that grin.  Pure joy right there. 

I am going to try and remember to take a final photo in this same spot each year at the kiddos' birthday parties! Will be nice to see how they change each year!

Happy 4th Birthday Boo!


  1. Love this party, good job Mom!! Wish there was a Pinterest Plug-in on this blog so I could pin it!

    1. Thanks for stopping, Seher! I actually am trying to get the Pinterest Plug-In figured out right now. I am new at this, so I am slow in figuring things out! :) I always love it when blogs have the button or roll-over pin option - makes pinning so much easier!

    2. Just search for Pinterest Plug-Ins for blogger on Google and you'll find a few results. I was trying to find the exact link I used in my blog for you but couldn't find it :( Sorry!!

    3. No worries-I think I figured it out! Hopefully it works for everyone now! :)

  2. SHe is suc a cutiee. piee... happy birthday sweetss.. I liked the party theme.. Wanna be a kiddie again.. ;)

    1. Ah thanks! It was such a fun party!

  3. So cool! Love your ideas! Going to follow you!

  4. Ah thanks Patricia! Just checked out your monogram taggie blankets - adorable!!