Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year Y'all! 

Wow - can you believe it's 2014 already?  The last two months of the year flew by so fast! We had a bunch of the yucky stomach flu and respiratory stuff right after Thanksgiving, and that, combined with our goal of a 'handmade' Christmas (more to come on that later), kept us crazy busy over the last month!  So I've been a little absent from the blog, but I can't wait to get back and share some of my crafting adventures with you! 

In typical New Year fashion, I wanted to set a few 'goals' for the upcoming year.  And what better way to be held accountable than to share them all with you (my 7!  Hey - something is better than nothing, right?!)

Let me start off by saying there are quite a few, which is probably a bad idea, and if I only partial accomplish a few of these, I'll still be very satisfied. I think this list was just a great way for me to reflect on last year and think of the things I'd like to see differently in 2014, in order to be a better mother, wife, blogger, Christian, etc.  Acknowledging these things need to happen is the first step in the right direction! we go (in no particular order):

2014 Goals:

  • Become CPR Certified - I've had this in mind for several years and never completed it. Honestly, I am almost scared to do it. But for my children's safety, I need to get it done. 
  • Grow my blog by 25 followers - My blog is still in its infancy, but I want to grow my followers from 7 to 32...or more! 
  • Read 12 books - I used to read every day.  Then I had kids.  And I stopped with the exception of vacations and nights on the road for work. I think I am a happier person when I read - plus it is a great way to unwind at the end of the day instead of wasting time surfing Facebook.  I want to read an average of one book a month this year. 
  • Spend one full girls' day with Hannah - Hannah's at such a fun age and I love spending one-on-one pampering time with her. I want to take a day, go shopping, get pedicures, eat ice cream and go to the movies with her.  Honestly, that would be a PERFECT day.  
  • Have monthly date nights with the hubs - since Lucas was born, Joe and I just don't really go out to eat or movies very often. I want to do a monthly date night. It could even be a night in, but I want to plan something special each month.  
  • Read more books to Lucas- my little man is a total cuddler and loves to read. And too often I rush through books or put off reading to him because I think whatever I am doing is more important. Well it isn't, and I need to cherish this time before he grows out of it! 
  • Meal plan each week - I did this for most of 2013 but toward the end I got lazy, so hoping to keep it going throughout the whole year in 2014! 
  • Have unplugged Sundays - I spend way too much time on my iPhone. When the kiddos are playing, I way-too-often whip out my phone and jump on social media. I am missing out on such special time with my kids. I am going to blink and they'll be grown and I will have wasted more time checking on what my friends ate last night and what my favorite celebrity is up to than I did watching them grow!  So - I want to unplug on Sundays and make sure I treasure every moment with them!  Now I just have to get Joe on board too!  :)
  • Send out more birthday cards - I know this is vague, but I just want to send out more cards to my friends and family. I love getting cards in the mail, so I would love to make others' day! 
  • Finally do a true Project Life - a photo per day and write down journaling in my planner.  I want to capture this time in our lives because it goes SO FAST!
  • Print more photos - Shame Alert: I haven't printed photos for a family album since Hannah's first Christmas. See item above - I want to print weekly, monthly or at some set increment so I can complete a Project Life album and create something fro my family to look back at!  We had professional photos taken last year like 4 times (we do newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12 with our kids, plus yearly after that) and I think I printed Luke's newborn, 3 month and that is IT!  I pay so much for great photos and they stay locked up in cyberspace and on my CD. Which leads me to my next item...
  • Finish my living room gallery wall - long story short:  we put up photos and I hate the way they look, so I stopped and left it sort of in limbo. I want to finally finish it this year!
  • Buy a new bible - I want to finally buy a 'study' type Bible so that I can do more than just read a chapter/verse, and instead truly understand what I am reading. 
  • Complete a Will for Joe and I - this is pretty simple. We don't have one, and we need one, especially now that we have two kids. 

Wow - that is quite the list. Honestly, it is scary and intimidating to think about what I want to accomplish this year. But you know what?  You've gotta start somewhere!  So, I encourage you to make a list of your goals for 2014. Don't be afraid to put them out there for others to see - we can hold each other accountable!  

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Blessed 2014!

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